The Vladivostok School of Contemporary Art (VSCA) is an independent experimental educational project that has sought to gather together young artists, curators, and art critics in Vladivostok.
In the process it has become a discussion platform enlivening Vladivostok's art scene. Communication between participants is based on principles of equality, accountability, and open participation. Based on the lectures about the history and theory of contemporary art, philosophy and related sciences, and also a group communication and joint exhibitions, the members of the community interact with each other in a non-hierarchical and horizontal way, using the principles of equality of each member and open participation.

Due to the decentralized nature of relationships within our organization, the Vladivostok School of Contemporary Art (VSCA) defies notions of institutionalization. The driving motivations behind our School militate against any processes that would ossify the dynamics that make our activities possible. Thus, it remains mobile and flexible, precluding hierarchical relationships of authority or any permanence in roles and sharing of responsibilities within the community (such as artist, curator, and critic), providing opportunities for free movement between these positions.

The organizational framework of VSCA removes any relationships of subordination or any sense of responsibility towards a particular figure. In VSCA, responsibility is collective in nature. All participants, including organizers, students, audiences, and instructors, answer to the community as a whole, as well as to themselves, for the group's and for their own direction and growth.

As a community, VSCA works to overcome Vladivostok's peripheralization, aiming to establish a new urban cultural environment through education.
VSCA addresses and contributes to solving pressing issues within Vladivostok cultural and social spheres in the following ways:

  • Providing an alternative to an existing set of dominant institutions for the arts that are overly centralized, institutionalized, and subject to hierarchical organization
  • Creating horizontal initiatives and opportunities for local young artists, offering artist-run spaces and chances to participate in self-organized initiatives with artists, curators, and critics in Vladivostok
  • Giving young artists in Vladivostok incentives and independent spaces for meeting and collaborating with like-minded people in planning and implementing contemporary art and curatorial projects, thus enriching young people's professional experience in the arts
  • Involving participants from all over Vladivostok's art and academic communities, therefore contributing to overcoming the generation gap and lack of continuity between the understandings and perspectives of Vladivostok's experienced art community and a new generation
  • Offering different and new approaches to those found in Vladivostok's and the Primorye's existing cultural institutions, thus generating innovation in the local teaching production of contemporary art, art history, and art criticism
  • Correcting a near absence, if only for superficial teaching, of twentieth-century art history in Vladivostok's colleges and universities
  • Training new generations of qualified experts for our city's art institutions
15 exhibitions
20 lecturers
75 public lectures
80 participants
VSCA members take part in regular joint exhibitions at venues across the city and private spaces, as well as attending lectures and seminars on contemporary art history and theory, history of philosophy and curating, and related subjects in the humanities. In addition to this main curriculum, the school also conducts regular public programs during the academic calendar with leading experts in various fields of the humanities, open to the general public in Vladivostok.
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